The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only, from Decor Service Fortmüller Handel GmbH, 8490 Bad Radkersburg, Theatergasse 1-2, as of September 2011.

1. Jurisdiction

As an exclusive jurisdiction, the relevant matters will be agreed in court in 8330 Feldbach.

2. Length and Validity of Contracts

The conditions of sale apply to customers for all business aspects of the Decor Service Fortmüller Handel GmbH. They are also valid for any further orders. General terms and conditions of the client and additional verbal agreements will only be made valid through a written confirmation from ourselves. Deviating or additional agreements will be confirmed by us in advance.

3. Conditions of Contract

All quotations or rather offers from Decor Service Fortmüller Handel GmbH. are subject to change and non-binding. Even after signing the contract we can correct any possible written or calculation errors. Cancellation from the client is only possible with our consent. See clause10.

4. Offers and Prices

The prices stated in our quotation or order form are net prices of stock from the warehouse not including postage and packaging, and are subject to change. An increase in the wholesale price of goods between ordering and billing gives us the right to increase the selling price up to the same amount. We are entitled to demand a prepayment and to invoice for a partial delivery. We reserve the right to include misprints and price alterations.

5. Conditions of Payment

a. The prices and conditions of delivery stated in our offer or contract confirmation apply. The minimum order value is set at 30.00 EURO. The legal amount of VAT is not included in our prices; the legal amount will be declared on the day the invoice is dispatched.

b.Our invoices are due to be paid within 14 days after the invoice date with 2% a reduction, or within 30 days strictly net. With the expiration of this payment deadline, the client will be in arrears. During the period of arrears, the legal rate of interest has to be paid on the purchase price. We reserve the right to claim a breach of statutory regulation for continuous damage caused by delay, as well as commercial maturity interest.

c.Should our conditions of payment not be adhered to, or it is visible after the contract has been signed that our entitlement to the purchase price is at risk due to the client's lack of ability, we are entitled to carry out outstanding deliveries only with prepayment or collateral security and, after adequate extension of time to withdraw from the purchase contract.

d. The client is only entitled to compensation or retention rights as long as their claim is established as legally binding or undisputed. The only exception of a contract which has not been fulfilled would be if the client receives faulty goods. In which case, they would receive the amount by which the value of the goods is reduced by due to damage.

6. Reservation of Proprietary Rights

a. The delivered goods shall remain our property pending full payment of our purchase price claim and all our other claims against the customer. The reservation of propriety shall continue in force even if some of our claims have been included in the ongoing account, and a balance has been struck and accepted; the reservation of title shall thus secure the balance. Bank drafts and cheques are valid only after their encashment by the buyer, not with a bank discount as payment. Incoming payments are always credited against the oldest bills receivable. Assurance of payment from the client is invalid.

b. With the acceptance of our product, the client is not to resell the product until the payment has been received in full.

c. The client is vested to have our reservation of proprietary rights and assigned receivables available within the limits of their respectable business, as long as they fulfil their obligations to us within the given time; extraordinary committed funds. In particular, he is not entitled to pledge such goods or to transfer them by way of security.

d. The client is to inform us immediately in the event of a third party wanting the reservation of proprietary or wanting to justify or enforce our receivables laws.

7. Delivery

a. The delivery period shall be extended appropriately in the event of unforeseen obstacles arising which are beyond our control, if such obstacles have a significant impact on completion or delivery of the goods. The right to receive these goods does not exist.

b. If ordered goods are then not accepted, then we are entitled to demand 5% of the contract value for accrued expenses or rather paid provisions, as well as the right to compensation.

c. The obligation to deliver and delivery period will be in abeyance, as long as the client is only in arrears with one invoice.

d. If the seller has any doubt concerning the ability of the client to meet their financial obligations, or if the client is an unknown new customer, then they have the right to secure themselves by demanding a prepayment or cash on delivery.

e. Deliveries come straight from our warehouse. Additional costs for an express delivery are accepted at the expense of the addressee. An increase in the price of the shipping rate after the contract has been agreed is also to be paid by the client.

8. Reclamation

Only those goods, which are claimed for in writing and are within the specified time limit, and have been accepted by us in writing, will be taken back. A cash payment or refund is not possible. The goods are to be returned in their original packaging with delivery fees paid by using a safe method of transport. The goods are transported at the client's own risk. Only undamaged goods in their original packaging will be credited. The client is to obtain the necessary authorisation.

9. Warranty

The period of warranty amounts to 6 months. The assumption of defect goods to § 924 of the General Civil Code of Austria is excluded. The client is to examine the goods immediately for defects and damages or inform us in writing about any alleged incomplete dispatch within 7 days from recognition. Otherwise, we will count the goods as accepted. It is not possible to exchange goods on special offer or that have been reduced.

10. Other Liabilities

The compensation of subsequent damage and purely financial damages, loss of profit, and for losses due to claims of a third party is not guaranteed for ordinary negligence. We are not liable for damage, which has emerged through a sub-supplier or other persons. The amount of a possible claim will be limited to the respectable net contract value of services to be performed by us. We are not liable for damage, which could have been avoided if the client had of adhered to the instruction manual.

11. Compensation due to Withdrawal of a Contract

If a client withdraws from a contract for reasons beyond their control, the seller can demand compensation, not to be challenged in any court of law, to the amount of 30% of the net value of goods ordered.